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V8 BI-Turbo

This absolute brute of an Suv graced the shop today and I can honestly say that its one of the most exhilarating and stunning cars I have ever driven. The noise from that V8 BI-Turbo and the lush German top quality leather was just unreal.
It came in for rear brake pads and rear tyres, with the electronic park brake calipers, a special sequence is required to set the calipers into service mode before beginning work. The genuine Mercedes-Benzbrake pad kit was not only well priced but highly substantial, including new pre lock tighted bolts and pad shims, a clean up of the carriers and calipers before rebuild made them gleam once again. Ace car to look at, drive and work on. For any Mercedes repairs feel free to contact us on 01905 755088 to make a booking

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